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We are always on the lookout for quality additions to our development team.

Most of our team are MFA graduates with experience in development at top companies in the industry and a few screenplays under their belts.

If you're interested in joining our team, please send us an email describing your experience and writing background to:


You MUST put "GL NEW READER APPLICATION" in the subject line.

Include a short letter of introduction outlining your experience in writing screenplays and/or development notes, along with any other information that might be of interest concerning your areas of expertise.

You MUST include a link to your Facebook & Instagram profiles so I can see who I'm dealing with.

Finally you MUST include a resume.

We email the team once a week to go over the week's assignments and discuss development ideas and solutions for each project. There is no salary, but we share 20% of earnings on the initial sale of a script amongst all the readers who were involved in development of that material. More significantly, you have the opportunity to take a producing role on projects you bring to the company or take an active role in developing.

it's our goal to produce the projects we develop and the executives involved in the project will be brought on staff of the film production. Your involvement is dependent on your level of contribution and seniority. For example, did you bring the project, how many drafts did you work on, were you the point person on developing this, etc.

In order to read for us you must LOVE reading and HELPING screenwriters improve their craft. By not paying readers an upfront fee per script as most agencies do, we keep out the negative, jaded, burned-out professional reader types that most writers know and fear. Not paying fees gives readers incentive to problem solve solutions to the screenplay's weaknesses rather than just passing on it and collecting a fee regardless.

Most every reader in LA is an aspiring writer paying their rent by reading and they have zero incentive to help your script succeed while they labor in the reader pool. Our readers only get paid if the script succeeds, not just for reading and passing on it like at the other companies, so readers are more inclined to find ways to make the script work and get paid with you when it does.

Our system allows readers to gain experience and continue reading only for as long as they enjoy it. Most of all readers at studios and agencies are highly over worked, burnt out and resentful of good scripts. This is not the kind of reader that writers want looking at their scripts, so we don't use them.

Our readers LOVE to read & help writers and are actually INVESTED in every project they help develop so they are motivated to champion projects rather than pass on them.

Michael Beazel, Senior Manager of Development:
"The experience I've gathered from working for Rob has been invaluable. It's a great feeling to read something awesome and see the potential for it to be on the big screen (and know that you were one of the first to say "it's good"). It's also great to put Gallagher Literary on your resume. Hollywood is a relationship driven machine and knowing Rob (who knows everyone in town) is a fantastic advantage. I have pitched to people who would have never given me a second thought had I not been working for Rob. This job opens doors. The advantages of working for Rob are worth so much more than just a paycheck."

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